Scrapwood Challenge

Where Does The Scrapwood Come From? 

The scrapwood is donated to me by a local business that make chopping boards. The leftover scrap normally gets burned but I get the chance to save some of it and make it into something cool!

What Type of Wood is it?

The wood is all camphor laurel.

Camphor laurel is not native to Australia and is considered a weed. It germinates easily in our conditions and by doing so it thrives and takes over the native trees and pushes them out. 

It's a medium density hardwood that is easy to work. It carves and turns particularly well. It also has the most amazing smell when you cut into it, filling the whole workshop with menthol type aromas.


The projects I've made so far have definitely challenged me. I've tried to make them diverse to keep them interesting. 

They range from tools, small furniture, homewares and anything else cool I can think of. 

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